A lovely lady at work has a vest that another co-worker and I want to make . . . it’s really pretty and she let me take it home this weekend to dissect it. . .

I’ve made a schematic and I am working my way towards a pattern, but unfortunately for me, I have to swatch to make the final result come out correctly, or at least that is the thought that I have about re-creating it. So, I am now swatching some yarn that I dyed last summer, with the intent of making Dark and Stormy   . . .Well, after the results of my dye job were finally untangled,

Whoops!! Holy Crap!

and the dyes were corrected (one contained more of one color than the other, and visa versa) this was the final product:


All Fixed and I love it!

I just knew that these wouldn’t work for the Dark and Stormy sweater.   So, they have been hibernating in the stash, and now I think I’ve come up with a good match! Tell me what you think of this swatch?  (And just to be clear, the skein being used is the one that really doesn’t match the rest of the other skeins in that dye job. . .  but it works well for swatching!

Swatch for Anita's Vest

No trip to the house this week, we are waiting for the insurance check to get here. . .