I took Friday off to recuperate from fatigue and decided to try to sleep more and get a few things done. Well, since we are UK Basketball fans, the sleeping more kind of went to the wayside on Friday evening . . . finally made it to bed sometime around midnight. But, I had gotten up two hours later than normal, so I guess I was kind of even that day.

I posted on Facebook about a “Stretchy Cast on”by Tilly Buddy, that I thought worked very well for the sock I was making. And if you try this one out, you really need to do 3 or 4 rows to see if you have done it tightly enough. Here is mine:

Very Stretchy Cast On

As you can see, I think it will suffice for my needs. I was told by a good friend that for a one by one rib, the tubular cast on is as good or possibly better, so I plan to try that with my next set of socks, but since I had gotten this going, I decided to keep going with what I had already done. So here is my progress, albeit small, (I’ve been spinning,shopping, cooking and watching basketball!) I think I like these very much!

Socks for Euni

I really can’t talk about the house. . . progress has been made, but I still feel like we have miles to go. . .

Only a week away, now.  Everybody almost ready?  Well. . . I know, there is always that one last gift.  Don’t worry, we’ll all make it and it will soon be a memory.  I hope that all of you out there (one or two?)  can take a moment to reflect and make this more about Him, somehow.  After all it is His birthday!  I sometimes wonder do we give gifts to each other because the wise men gave gifts?  Does that even make sense?  Well, I don’t know, but in any event, I am done with the purchasing of gifts and I am still working on Christmas stocking. . . yes, just one still.  I have a daytime job. . . which interferes with the knitting time.  So, as I go off to check the Cheesecake for the pot luck lunch tomorrow, here is progress on the stocking:

Decreasing the toe. Almost Done.

And the house is coming along, they are painting and possibly putting in floors this week! Yah – Hoo!

Ok, so now that my kids are older, and I don’t have all that much stress at the holidays, I decided to make myself some. . . what a dummy I am thinking I could knit not one, but two Christmas Stockings in a month! Ha!

Well, here is one in progress:

Caryn's Christmas Stocking

I somehow missed getting the last of the little diamonds at the bottom of the heel flap, and I am a bit farther than this photo shows, so I think it’s going to stay as I have it. No one will know but me, and I think it still looks ok.

At the house, we have walls now, and we are so,so excited!! I better get a move on and get this house packed up! We are still trying to sell, so if you know of anyone looking for a home in Berea, KY we have the perfect spot for them!!

Our great room-looking into the kitchen

You know, I am quite sick of starting a perfectly fun project, only to have it turn to crap.  My Brun Socks were in my opinion, a fun kind of learning process.

Learn how to do a short row toe:

Short Row Toe

Then learn how to make a sole by picking up all those $%* stitches along the edge of the motif on 2.5mm dpn’s no less (and btw, only light bamboo dpn’s really work well, ask me how I know!):

Inside Edge Pick-up

Then learn how to make a short row heel (without holes):

Brun Short Row Heel

Only to discover that the length is really off by about an inch and a half!  (Too Long! Wah!)  So, to recover from that I would have had to go back to the short row toe. . . . and that just ain’t happening, baby.  So, I am now working on the Impressionist Sock instead.

Knitting is supposed to be fun isn’t it?

We’ve come to a mile stone in the Potere household. . . my youngest child is graduating from High School today.  I am finding that I am not entirely sure how to feel about this.  My child is exceedingly smart, in the top 10% of her class and we have our days that I just can’t say anything right, and we also have our days that we are the best of friends.  I love her to pieces and it breaks my heart that she will soon be leaving to start her own life.  But, I guess as parents that is what we do.  We raise them to the best of our ability and then set them free to live their lives. . .

Boy, enough of that. . . my sister’s visit was very nice and I am so happy that she came out to see us.  I do think that she had a good time while she was here.  We did a lot of sitting and knitting and that was good for her I think.  She needed a break from the constant stress at her house, and let me tell ya, this house is very slow and laid back.  She started an afghan, then decided it was too difficult for her then started the log cabin afghan which she was able to do without assistance.  

I found that I was flitting around, first spinning and plying up the merino silk I am making for the Wyvren Wrap:Wyvren Wrap Spun Yarn

Then I flitted around doing swatches for the FLAK sweater and cast on to do the main swatch Janet tells you to do.   I am using Peace Fleece, but just don’t like the stitch definition I am getting, so I have now decided to do  a more relaxed piece using this yarn and I will keep experimenting for the FLAK.   I was thinking the Saddle Shoulder Aran by Elizabeth Zimmerman would work better, so now I am casting on for that.  

Then I read my horoscope which told me to focus or nothing would be accomplished today!  How appropriate!  So, the past two days I have done nothing but this:

Bright Charcoal

That heel was done with the Partridge Stitch and I used a 10% reduced heel as I always have problems with the back of my sock not fitting very well.  I am very pleased on how this is turning out, although I have to say I forgot that the extra stitches (from the reduced heel)  were divided up in the front and went on my merry way to about this point, when I realized my error!  What a big sock you have!  So, I had to rip back one more time to knit back to here again!  I am pretty sure I am going to run out of yarn, so I have called on some Ravelry buds to come to my rescue!

One more shot:

Have a good week everybody, and I will continue to try and stay focused on one project at a time!  Yeah, right, eh?