But, I feel like I’ve been having a week of them! I sat down this morning to post here, and didn’t have my photos together. So, off I went to solve that, and I did get some, but now 9 hours later I am on another computer. So I tried to take photos with my phone. . . they suck.

So, in words this is how it is. . . Year End was last week at CMWA, and that meant working last Saturday. S’ok, it’s expected, went to the house to show a co-worker the progress (she will live only 15 minutes from me, and she knits, yeah) and I set off the alarm. So, everyone that is set up to get notifications that there’s a problem gets a message. . . Gah! But, I got it.

So, then this week, we worked like crazy people, I knit and spun nothing. But we went back to the house, this weekend (as we always do) and the boys mowed and mowed, and I got bored and bribed my daughter to come save me. Which, she did. We went and bought veggies to go into the Japanese noodles my friend from work got for me at the Japanese store in Lexington. The meal was delicious.

I sat down and finished spinning Wizard Island, and now I am trying to decide wether or not to n-ply or not. . . here is my crappy phone picture, because of the crappy lighting in this house at this time of day:

Wizard Island - FCK Variegated BFL

Oh, and in the meantime, I am packing up everything is site, since we are having an open house next weekend, trying still to sell this house!