Another cat to love

Another cat to love

I spun this second bobbin in record time, for me, that is! I hope to get these plied this weekend!

I worked this fiber from the fold and it was an awesome spin!

Gypsy on Sabrina

The Spin Goes On!

Sabrina's Big Sister

Sabrina’s Big Sister

We move into the new house next week!! We have been on the builder’s for two weeks straight. It’s going to be a big surprise if they actually make our deadline. . . but I am not backing down. I am sick to death of them dragging their feet. The appliances were delivered today!! Whooo Hooo! But of course, the refrigerator doesn’t fit in the space . . . see? Sick to Death of It!

We will have a much different internet up there, satellite via Dish Network, so I don’t know what exactly that means yet. . . but, hey it ain’t dial up!

So, I hope to see some of my friends at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival in two weeks, and I will try to get some actual photos of fiber activity in the next coming weeks!

Wish us luck!!

I took Friday off to recuperate from fatigue and decided to try to sleep more and get a few things done. Well, since we are UK Basketball fans, the sleeping more kind of went to the wayside on Friday evening . . . finally made it to bed sometime around midnight. But, I had gotten up two hours later than normal, so I guess I was kind of even that day.

I posted on Facebook about a “Stretchy Cast on”by Tilly Buddy, that I thought worked very well for the sock I was making. And if you try this one out, you really need to do 3 or 4 rows to see if you have done it tightly enough. Here is mine:

Very Stretchy Cast On

As you can see, I think it will suffice for my needs. I was told by a good friend that for a one by one rib, the tubular cast on is as good or possibly better, so I plan to try that with my next set of socks, but since I had gotten this going, I decided to keep going with what I had already done. So here is my progress, albeit small, (I’ve been spinning,shopping, cooking and watching basketball!) I think I like these very much!

Socks for Euni

I really can’t talk about the house. . . progress has been made, but I still feel like we have miles to go. . .

A lovely lady at work has a vest that another co-worker and I want to make . . . it’s really pretty and she let me take it home this weekend to dissect it. . .

I’ve made a schematic and I am working my way towards a pattern, but unfortunately for me, I have to swatch to make the final result come out correctly, or at least that is the thought that I have about re-creating it. So, I am now swatching some yarn that I dyed last summer, with the intent of making Dark and Stormy   . . .Well, after the results of my dye job were finally untangled,

Whoops!! Holy Crap!

and the dyes were corrected (one contained more of one color than the other, and visa versa) this was the final product:


All Fixed and I love it!

I just knew that these wouldn’t work for the Dark and Stormy sweater.   So, they have been hibernating in the stash, and now I think I’ve come up with a good match! Tell me what you think of this swatch?  (And just to be clear, the skein being used is the one that really doesn’t match the rest of the other skeins in that dye job. . .  but it works well for swatching!

Swatch for Anita's Vest

No trip to the house this week, we are waiting for the insurance check to get here. . .

The builder’s have begun the rebuild, even before the insurance check has arrived. Which makes us very happy! But the pictures are depressing, so I will only show one, and like I’ve said before they are all in my Flickr account which you can get to from the sidebar below. So, yesterday our bedroom and bathroom (MBR) looked like this:

Re-building the master suite

Yeah, it’s very depressing, considering the day before the robbery we were within 3 weeks of being done. (((SIGH)))

So, in other events to catch you up on. . . I’ve been knitting this curtain, and it’s finally looking like something:

Looking pretty!

And I’ve been spinning, sporadically but, I finally have three ounces spun up:

Wizard Island, BFL Variegated

I think I’m going to N-Ply this. . . to make these!

We had issues during Valentines week that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. We had robbers come into the house we are building and steal all of the electrical wiring out of the house. That was Sunday evening, the 12th. Lots of damage to the celing in our bedroom but the wires were cut so that a junction could be made and we could move on, a month delay. The evening of the 13th they came back and got all of the plumbing, and left us with smashed outlets and scratched hardwood floors and now we are looking at a 3 month delay, not to mention two deductibles with the insurance company. I was simply devastated. But, we picked ourselves up and we are moving on, we got a security system and feel like we have done all we can do to prevent it from happening again.  Our builder’s are sticking with us and will see it finished. Thank The Good Lord.

So, not a lot of fiber was spun or knitting to report on, since it has taken a lot of time getting our heads on straight again. But, I am still working on Wizard Island, and in the meantime, I got Wayfarer too:

Wayfarer - FCK SW Merino, Bamboo, Nylon

I made a little progress on the curtain, but now I am in “tink” mode, so no use showing that! So, I will leave you with this beautimous bouquet of flowers that our builders sent to me on Friday. They are really nice, nice men, and felt bad for me. . .

from Sandlin Home Improvement

That rose was a pink/orange with red highlights. I have never seen such a beautiful arrangement!

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