You know it sure takes a lot to move a whole house! But, we are finally in the new place now, although our old house still hasn’t sold. (Any prayers on my behalf would be most welcome!)

So, in a nut shell, here is the scoop: We moved in May 9th, and have been working on fixing builder’s errors, moving dirt, breaking up rocks, chopping down weeds, unpacking boxes, getting everything put up, getting the internet (no cable on this road), getting our house insurance canceled, and then re-instated, etc., etc. Makes a person tired simply writing it out!

So, in the middle of all of that, I have been spinning and knitting, but not truly making much headway with any of it until the Tour de Fleece (on Ravelry) I really didn’t get a lot done, but I did finish a few things:

Wizard Island is Variegated BFL, from FatcatKnits, Moonshadow is Falkland from FatcatKnits, and Romeo is Falkland from FatcatKnits Famous Couples Spring Spin. . . Yummy!!