The builder’s have begun the rebuild, even before the insurance check has arrived. Which makes us very happy! But the pictures are depressing, so I will only show one, and like I’ve said before they are all in my Flickr account which you can get to from the sidebar below. So, yesterday our bedroom and bathroom (MBR) looked like this:

Re-building the master suite

Yeah, it’s very depressing, considering the day before the robbery we were within 3 weeks of being done. (((SIGH)))

So, in other events to catch you up on. . . I’ve been knitting this curtain, and it’s finally looking like something:

Looking pretty!

And I’ve been spinning, sporadically but, I finally have three ounces spun up:

Wizard Island, BFL Variegated

I think I’m going to N-Ply this. . . to make these!