As you know, I was knitting a Christmas Stocking for my daughter’s boyfriend, Josh. They’ve been dating over 3 years, and seemed to be very much in love. It seems it was all too much for the boy to live up to, and he broke up with Caryn this past Thursday evening. He couldn’t see settling down with someone, when he hadn’t even been out with other girls, and that is what he wants to do. My daughter is devastated and we are trying to help her pick up the pieces and let her know that she is not the one to blame in this situation. Why do those with testosterone feel the need to spread it to as many females as they can? Can’t call him a man, as he is so obviously a spoiled little boy. Ok. Rant over.

I’v been spinning up Wizard Island, and loving every minute of it. This is a shot of the bobbin so far:

Wizard on Kirsten

I love that shot, I was sure the purple was showing up blue, so I had taken about 25 pictures, but this one is true, without a flash. I don’t know the wpi on this, but I am using the 0.9 pulley with the bobbin size of 2.1, I really need to learn how to put that into terms we can all understand. . . a lesson for next week!

I am also dragging Deco around to finish it up . . . I have a sleeve and a half to go, and fronts, with only 1 and a quarter skeins of yarn. Yeah. It’s going to be too close for comfort.

Deco Sleeve Almost Done

Have a good week, if you have a moment send a good vibe out for my daughter. Thanks.