So, you all know, (maybe?) that my siblings have “issues”, right? Well, it’s gotten very bad for my sister, she has an awful time communicating any more and I feel like soon, her husband won’t be able to help her anymore. Makes me cry, and rant at the world, but there isn’t much I can do from so far away. . . My bother has just gotten over neck cancer (and it is just as horrible as it sounds) and now the doctors want to pursue the spot on his lungs . . . he was a heavy smoker, and it has come to have it’s due. I tried repeatedly to get him to stop, but his words were “we all have to die of something.” My mother is beside herself, but at 80 she is the picture of health, thank The Lord.

I have to go have a colonoscopy on Tuesday, which I am soo dreading. I believe it’s the night before that is really the horrible part, so I am going to try and live through that. Everyone else has, so I think I can do it!

So, enough of all the crap going on, we went to Lowe’s and Home Depot and bought all our lights, and fans and all the light bulbs for the new house. You just wouldn’t believe how freaking expensive all that is!

Freakin' Nightmare

That’s our bedroom. . . yah, I am a little freaked out at how messy these guys are! Here is my kitchen as of yesterday:

Kitchen Corner Cabinets

So, as we run from one house to another, I’m still working on Josh’s stocking, which is coming along now, I am just about to begin the decreases for the heel, I like the braids in this stocking, but I sure wish the designer had picked a knitted braid, this one is a purl braid, so I am a little loose on the gauge on it.

Working on the heel now!

I think the colors are so alike in this heel that it is hard to see the pattern, so I took this on with the flash on:

Pattern on Heel

Already can’t wait to finish this one. . . isn’t that sad? Well, there’s just too darn many things I want to knit, and spin . . .