Did you know that in the past year, I got a job that requires me to drive 55 miles one way, which adds up to 500 miles a week? Yeah, so, we are building a house half way between my job and Chris’s job . . . so, I’ve been really busy.

Our New Home

But, I am missing putting up notes about my projects, so I am going to try to get back to blogging again.

I’ve been spinning BFL from Handy Hands Yarn in Crocodile Rock and BFL Silk from Corgi Hill Farms in Tidal Pool to make a cardigan called “Gypsy Lee” Cardigan which called for 1750 yards of fingering weight yarn. So, I bought a pound of Crocodile Rock BFL Fiber, and spun up four bobbins. The first two bobbins plied to 690 yards. Well. . . dang. That won’t be enough. So, I bought 10 ounces of Tidal Pool from Corgi Hill and spun up two more bobbins. I plied on bobbin of BFL and one of the BFL Silk, and got 595 yards. I’ve still got two more bobbins to ply, so I’m pretty sure I’m safe now!

Crocodile Rock 690 yards