It’s starting to look like that is all I’m going to be able to squeeze in! Working and looking for a new home is taking *all* my time it seems. Not much time for playing, although, I am knitting a lot in the car. . .

These started out as socks, but are now on their way to fingerless mitts:

Valentino Pooling - Ugh!

And to prove they are not socks, here is a shot of the thumb gusset (which is bigger today, but no new picture):

Itty Bitty Thumb gusset

And I was dying to try out some Crystal Palace Mini Mochi, but to tell the truth, I already had sooo many things going that starting another fingering project was nuts, so I got some Mochi Plus in Neptune and one of the free scarves is this one:

Mochi Plus Scarf

It’s almost mindless knitting but not quite. Just enough to keep me awake! Another thing I have that is keeping me awake is my Kindle (thank you Bryan and Caryn!) and I know, you’ve seen this before, probably, but I wanted to show you the gel skin I got for it. I think it’s too cool:

Bloom - Front

Bloom - Back

That’s all the time I’ve got! Sorry! See you all soon (well, I wish!)