To Blog about!  Yeah, this is the EZ Lap Shoulder Cardigan, and it is so easy peasy, lemon squeezy so far. . . I am loving the simplicity of just knitting (for miles)  –

Lap Shoulder

This sweater is using Schoolhouse Press’s Unspun Icelandic yarn, and I was ripping it apart at first, but a little lighter tug is producing a really nice fabric.  I think I will be wearing this one more for a coat than anything else .  I love, love, love the color!

Here is a shot of my tension on this baby –  I think I am looking pretty darn good. .  .


Tension 4 sts to an Inch

And so it goes. . . I cast on for a 42″ hip width, and have decreased 2 inches for the waist . . . every two inches.  I am now on the way to armholes  – and I will have to fill you in what comes next after that . . . I definitely only read and retain the information I need and nothing more!  🙂

Taking down the Christmas decorations around here today, got my baby girl’s birthday coming up next week, and I always make sure it’s down before we celebrate her big day -#21 this year (yikes!) .  But ham croquettes and whoopie pie cake are on the menu this year, so not going crazy and keeping it a little more simple this year.  It’s all good , it will be a heck of a week, new job tomorrow, and darling son is traveling to NC for an interview with NC Pharmacy school on Thursday – I  am hoping he gets into the Pharmacy School in Cincinnati –  we will be moving closer. soon, and of course, I want my babies close by.

Taking down decorations, Marlee decided to help:

This is cool -

This is cool -

She’s right in the center of the poinsettia spray I put on the mantle, and wouldn’t move even after a tussle with Morris over the circle –  too  funny.

Have a good one, guys!