Ok, so I have been absent for too long, but it has gotten unbelievably busy around here. . . you would think I had a family of 12 or something. . . thankfully, I don’t since it is taking all I can do to keep up with my family of 3.  I seem to be constantly distracted and having trouble keeping all the balls in the air.   It doesn’t help that I am working the job of two people, with a corporate guy that has me bouncing around like a pin ball wizard.  No wonder I can’t keep anything straight.

We moved into this house one year ago yesterday, and it may be a coincidence, but it snowed then and it snowed yesterday and this morning.  You all know how much I like snow. . . I guess we are just that much further north that this is the way winter is here.  Certainly nothing like Buffalo, NY, and I am thanking God that I am not there right now!

So, on to knitting. . . are you sitting down?  I think maybe you should before you look at this:

Granite 12.4.10

So, it looks pretty good in low lighting at night,  I took another photo this morning and had a small heart attack.  It wasn’t noticed as I was knitting, and nothing can be done about it now, but, it is quite evident in bright light:

Hand dyed misery. . .

You see it don’t you?  Yeah.  Well.  That’s what I get for not working with four balls at the same time, I guess.  I should have alternated every couple of rows with another ball of yarn to keep the handyed differences between skeins to a minimum.  But I was frustrated with having to knit another front. . .  that left front is really bad, I guess I could try to over dye the whole sweater, but I have these fabulous buttons:

Heartstone Ceramic Buttons

from Shelby at Heartstone Ceramics and they match perfectly. . .

So, in short, I will probably just chalk it up to idiocy on my part, and wear it anyway.  I still need to do the collar and button bands. . . oh joy, but at least there will be no cables.  I always have a major hard time at getting the button hole placement correct.

Now, I am off to finish a Christmas present for Mom, (can’t show ’cause she reads here sometimes) and to finish her socks that I started in July.  Good God, how bad is that?

Take care, everyone, and I’ll talk at ya, later!