Yah, got some knitting and spinning in last weekend, and it all came to a grinding halt this weekend. . . wth?  Oh, well.  Some year I will finish that cursed cardigan.  I’ve got 15 inches into the sleeves now:

Fifteen Inches - UGH!

I’ve noticed that the more bored I become with a project, the more I shop for other things to knit. . . I have some yarn coming for a Mochi Plus Zig Zag Cowl,  . . . and you all know I have the St. Denis in the stash for the Juneberry Triangle Shawl. . .  and, I have enough stash to knit from for the next 100 years, but I got the yarn for this pattern from Blue Moon Fiber Arts . . .   What is wrong with me??!!

And on the Spinning front, I got the Blueface Leicester spun up and I over plied it but, here it is:

Day at Lake MI - 325 Yds (REALLY?)

I only managed to get 325 yds from this 4 ounces, I really need to double check that, but there it is.  I managed to over ply it and so it is being dried with weights (two metal hangers) and we’ll see how it does.

So it’s SSDD around here. . . no job yet, but going on another interview on Tuesday. . .

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL MY READERS – and if you’re not American, well, HAPPY THURSDAY – don’t kill yourselves shopping on Friday, I personally don’t venture out, and the shopping this year is only for the immediate family. . . so, it’s not so bad anymore.