Well, I can’t remember if I told you guys that the temp job I am in, is because the place is closing it’s doors in KY and is being consolidated into a new company in CA . . . did I tell you that?   So, that is why the Asst. Controller left and I got the job, well now, the Controller has left and the last two weeks were unbelievable.  Two corporate accountants came out, but they didn’t and don’t know Jack Shit about anything and here I am left holding the f-ing bag.  How the hell does this crap find me, anyway?  The only good news is that I have a second job interview on Monday, and I pray that I get it.  So, you guys pray too, ok?

News at the Homefront is that Bryan didn’t get into UK Pharmacy School (Again, big Sigh here) but he has now applied to several schools in the country.  If we have to move him to Utah, we are in big trouble!  Caryn is trying to get another job, and had a second interview last Monday . . . she’ll find out next week.  I hope she gets this one, since she hates Sears so much.

On the knitting front, (have you all noticed my quilting has gone to the wayside since I started working again?) I am here on my Granite Sleeves:

Granite Sleeves -Almost Done!

I have pretty short arms, to go with my pretty short body, so I am almost finished maybe in two weeks I’ll be telling you they are done!  I have also been working on EZ’s Lap Shoulder Sweater:

EZ Lap Shoulder Sweater

This is using her EPS system and to be totally honest here, I haven’t used her system before, but in my mind 100% can’ t always be the bust, as my bottom is bigger than my bust so, shouldn’t that be the 100% number?  In my case anyway?  So, that’s what I did, but now I need to decrease so the sweater isn’t huge everywhere else.  I just need to get my spacing down for that  . . .

And Chris got these finished last weekend, well, he needs to add the blinds, but that’s easy peasy according to him:

Framed in Skylights

And one more pretty to show . . . we woke up to these this morning:

Frozen Roses

Take care, you guys and don’t forget those prayers for me!!!!!!!!!