Well, first off, last weekend we went on a 2.0+ Mile hike to the top of the East Pinnacle trail, that is very near our house. We had just been waiting for some cooler weather, and it finally arrived! We had a choice to go east or west, but we chose East –

It was quite a haul up there, but I think the trek was worth it to see this.  We didn’t even know there was a dam nearby!  We also came across this, which is really wild:

Sand in Granite

Embedded sand pebbles -

What glacier did that come in on?  I mean whoa, there isn’t anything like this rock any where in town, or in the neighboring towns that we’ve seen.  Pretty cool, huh?

And on the fiber front, I am determined to make Dark and Stormy, yeah, like I need another sweater on the needles, but isn’t it pretty?  So, I decided to dye my own yarn, since 1.) I have lots of undyed here in the house, and 2.) I have the dyes  and a plan.  Yeah, well it went like this:

Whoops!! Holy Crap!

Yeah, I had made up some rose wood (color) early in the morning, decided against it, went with dried roses, and GD it, I grabbed the rose wood instead of the dark birch I had set to the side.  Well, as I was cleaning it all up I saw the dye and so, ok, make up more rose and add to bucket one and add the dark birch to bucket two and I now have this:

All Fixed and I love it!

I think that went pretty well, don’t you?  Well, sort of, I am now working on untangling all of this yarn since the skeins were not as securely tied as I thought.  ((SIGH))  That has how this whole weekend has gone. . . and it’s back to 75 degrees out there . . . double ((SIGH))!

Talk at you all soon!