At the granite cardi – I am on sleeve island, and it stinks.  I am sooooo sick of this pattern, I can not even tell you!  So, in the meantime, I have been perusing other sweaters and dreaming of making things other than Granite.  For instance, I bought some of this:


St. Denis


To make the Juneberry Triangle, by Jared Flood and contrary to what a lot of Raveler’s have said, I don’t find this to be a harsh/scratchy yarn at all.   So, I must have tough skin, or people are so accustomed to merino that they can’t see anything else!

We have two skylights now:


Two Skylights! Yeah!



Outside Skylights, Yeah!


And other than knitting on my Mom’s socks, and Granite, and going to job interviews that I never get offers for, that’s about it!