Since we have move to this house, I have complained (constantly) about the lighting in the house.  As soon as we had the money we purchased skylights to put up, but you know how Kentucky is in the summer time.   HOT!  We finally had a break (and now it truly feels like Fall) and Chris got out there on the roof and put this in:

First Skylight! Halleluiah!

I am so totally happy with this, I could jump up and down like a little kid!  My husband is a pure genius, I tell ya, and I’m not sharing!  🙂  Well, maybe I can be persuaded.   Anyway, the weather went bad and the second one is not in today, but hopefully, next weekend.  He’s been puttering and framing this one in today.

On another note, I started a Temp job in Lexington a week and a half ago, it is severely cutting into my knitting time, since it’s an hour up and back each day, but, hey I at least got some spending money now.  It will last until the end of January, or I find something permanent in the meantime.  All this to say, not much happening with my quilting or my knitting, although I did manage to make it to here on the sleeves for Granite:

Granite Sleeves

I’m managing about a couple of rows a day, the new work schedule has thrown me for a loop.  But, I’ll get back into the work routine, I hope!  Like I said the problem is the drive!  I’ll be listening to a lot of books on tape.  Ok, enough about that – Bailey, Jake and I were playing ball, last weekend, and I just can’t resist showing you this fabulous shot I got of Bailey Blue:

Bird Watching -

She moves constantly, so it’s too cool when I finally get a good one of her. . . she is just such a good dog.  She is protecting us from the birds here . . . those nasty birds, coming in our yard!   What are they thinking?!

And Morris has found a new favorite place to hang out while I am doing my hair and makeup:

Morris's New Hangout

Is that funny or what?  Cats!!  I think that says it all –