I hope you are sitting down, while you read this post. . .

The fronts,  wait for it. . .

Granite Fronts are done!

I had to go into two of the cables to fix them after the fact, but Lord have mercy, these are finally, finally, done.  I am now itching, and I mean poison ivy itching  to cast on for the EZ Shoulder Overlap pattern. . . I got this in the mail on Saturday for it:

Unspun Icelandic

But, I will be good and go cast on the sleeves now . . .

I start a temporary job tomorrow, so I may be hit or miss on here until I get myself situated.  But, I hope to have finished sleeves more quickly than those fronts!!

I also wanted to show you this cool motif I found on ravelry:

Japanese Crochet Motif

That is some homespun from the Jester socks I made forever ago. . . isn’t that square pretty?