Hhhmmn, time flies and all that crap.  Yah, so here is the quilt top with the borders on it:

Borders on Log Cabin 9-2010

I didn’t even try to get it really square on the bed, it was too hard. . .it’s now 70 X 70  and really pretty, I think.  I love that red border, I know it is probably not traditional to put any more red in a Log Cabin, but hey, it’s my quilt and where’s the quilting police?   I went with really dark, cause I loved the prints, and because it’s supposed to look like it’s been framed.  Now, I have to get the back and batting in place to do the actual quilting on it.

I think I will have these two help me again, although this border process really wore them out:

Help from my friends

I am actually going to a Quilting Stitches and Craft Expo in Cincinnati, this weekend with some actual human friends, and I am hoping to find some good water soluble pens and something to help me figure out how to actually quilt this sucker.  I will probably just stitch in the ditch. . . . how do you ever get to quilt designs?  Maybe the next one. . .

And on the knitting front, just so you can all see I am making lots of progress, ( I’m sure it looks the same to you, but I promise it’s not!) and yes, I did check the back to the fronts this time!!  What a dork I am.

Fronts for the Third ? Time

So, once this one is off the needles, I have decided I am doing EZ’s Lap Shoulder Sweater next. . .  lots of stockinette, with just enough stuff to keep me thinking, and not sleeping at the needles!

My next sweater!

I have some perfect yarn in the stash for this: Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Woobu.  Yum!  I have to go hurry this granite along. . .