It’s been so long, I don’t even know where to start,  really!  Ok, the bad news first.  Granite that &*%*! sweater, I have decided (almost) that it is not in the cards for me to ever freakin’ finish that sweater.  Wanna see why?  Well here are the fronts almost up to the shoulder, lacking about an inch or an inch and a half:

Lookin' pretty good, huh?

Yeah, I was pretty happy when I took this shot, then I went and got the back and compared:

Gah!! WTH???

Ok, so now I am definitely not happy!  So, I check again. . .

Gigantic Mistake

So, without further adieu, I ripped it back to the armhole, and now every day at 3:00 I stop what ever I am in the middle of and I go knit.  Maybe I will actually finish it that way.  Huh.  Maybe when pigs fly.  But, it’s not in the closet, so that’s saying something!

My progress on my Log Cabin Quilt is a lot better than my sweater:

Log Cabin 8-20-2010

Yeah, guys, that is our King Size bed. . . this is supposed to be a wall hanging, and yes, it did measure correctly!  I bought the border fabric and the back and all the stuff to finish her, this week.  It will be approximately 72″ x 72″ when it’s done.  I’ll try to keep you updated on it!  Here is a close up:

Log Cabin -

So, other than the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Blocks I’m making and a couple of Christmas presents and some socks for Mom, I guess that’s about all the excitement around here!