Apparently,  I am becoming the every two week blogger.   Not that I don’t love you guys, there simply isn’t enough to talk about, or what I’ve done is so amazingly boring, who cares?  Right?  Well, with butterflies in my stomach, I will tell you that I have been on three job interviews this past week.  One was a phone interview, and well, I think I bombed that one. . .

Another one was set up for me by Robert Half for a Plant Controller position right here in Berea, it would have been high pay, high stress, all the same sh*t I am used to.  But I was found to be “not aggressive enough.  The team would eat me up and spit me out.”  Yeah, I want to work there, huh?

The third interview I am still waiting on an answer, although I have to say that this one was my second interview for the position.  I hope I get it. . . see, I am always afraid to say anything out loud and jinx myself.  So, only good thoughts coming my way, please!

So, on the knitting front, I have almost completed my two fronts on Granite:

Granite Fronts

How’s that for a wonderful shot?  Yeah, well, let me tell ya.  We moved Bryan out of his apartment and we are moving Caryn into hers the week we get back from vacation.  Oh, vacation where?  Maine.  Going to see Mommy!  This Saturday!  Anyway, that shows the fronts with about 3″ of armhole depth, I need to get to 5″ before I start the neck shaping . . . it’s been going really slow, because I have been reading these books: Tairen Soul by C.L. Wilson.  OMG, they are so good, I can’t put them down!

And I’ve been spinning a bit for the Tour de Fleece, but with the reading and the knitting and the quilting, well, I haven’t made it to the finish line.  But, that’s ok, I have lots of yarn!  Here is “A Day at ™ Lake Michigan – BFL

Blue Faced Leicester - Socks

It’s soo pretty!  It’s been fun to spin, and it’s good for the end of the day when you’re too tired to do anything else!  Thank you, thank you Melissa for this gift!

And one more item on the agenda to tell you about!  We have an acrobat in our family and I would love to show you her stunts in action, however, I have no video only photos:

Marlee the Acrobat

She got there from the basket in the corner and she was in the middle of the railing when I called her to get down:

Whatcha' want Mom?

Whatcha' want Mom?

Yeah.  That is about 13 Feet high, the ceiling is 15 Feet, I think.  So,  she keep on doing this all day, then later in the evening she decided to jump on the railing on the other side of the foyer walkway.  There was no basket to aid in the jump, and well she almost made it, but, she missed and came crashing down, (almost took out my floor lamp) landed on the sofa, bounced up and then to the floor . . . She hasn’t tried it again!