I finished the Twined Mittens!  This project was really a pita with all the twisting of the yarn (but that really is the point, to form a nice dense fabric) and now that they are done I am debating on a Twined Glove project.  My family are all firmly in the glove wearing vs mitten wearing society.  So we’ll see about that, I guess!  So, without further adieu, here they are:

Finished Twined Mittens

Finished Twined Mittens

Yes, that is not the most fabulous of shots, but I find it to be impossible to take a photo of my hands . . . what?  Self timer?  Well, didn’t think of it until now!  So, I am on to other things, but nothing new, as I have about a 1,000 UFO’s to finish, so for every project I do finish, I am immediately picking up an unfinished, but still loved project:


Lara in Berroco Ultra Alpaca

This one was kind of rolled up into a ball in a “In The Bag” project bag (my very favorite) and the needles had poked through the fabric:

Vampire Bite

Needle Holes: Vampire Bite

You might need to click on that to see ’em, but they look just like a Vampire’s Bite to me. . . must be all the Vampy paranormal romances I read, eh?  So, all that to say that if you aren’t careful, you can get bit.  You really don’t want to pierce your knitting or your yarn ball, as it will split the yarn, and if you do it all the time, it could really do some damage to the fiber, and who wants to work with yucky yarn??  This yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, and it is seriously yummy, which is why the project is back in commission.

Ok, one more thing!  Can anyone identify this flower?

Mystery Flower

Mystery Flower

It’s really pretty, but I am not a botanist!  Oh!  And the Deck is done, but no pictures yet. . . it’s been horribly hot, and I just haven’t gotten to it!