So, here we are winging our way through another week . . . and let me show you all that I got done! First of all I want to share a photo of myself and my sister, as I want her to be able to remember how much I really love her!

June and Donna

June and Donna

It scares me to death, thinking that maybe the next time we see each other she may not remember me. Lots of tears have come and continue to come my way about that thought. We spent an entire week finishing up some old socks (UFO’s) and we started a new sock. That didn’t go as well, but I hope she had fun anyway. I really couldn’t do very much while she was here, and so when I finished up all the items her DH had sent, I worked on my Twined Mittens.  Easy to pick up and put down!  So here they are almost finished:

Twined Mittens 95% Finished

Twined Mittens

Just more kitchner stitch and a couple of thumbs to go!  I hope to finish these today.  And I finished one sock, and let me say, that I am just not a fan of the toe up method.  I have too many issues with getting the pattern right again, not to mention making it fit my fat calf!

Impressionist Sock

Impressionist Sock Toe Up

And yesterday, I finished up the trim border and outside border on My First Quilt:

My First Quilt

Caryn's Quilt - She's claimed it!

Since I didn’t make Caryn a blanket when she was a baby, (like I did for her brother, and before I knew what I was doing), she has claimed this one.  This new medium has just fueled the fire around here.  You know, me and my ADD – tell me what craft I don’t do!  Anyway, I am super proud of this, so I have to show you another couple of shots, ok?

Quilt Again

Quilt Again

Doesn’t that pink just make it pop!?  I love it, so here is one more (and then I’ll quit with the quilting shots!)

Quilt Top

Quilt Top Trim and Border

And, I have started spinning some BFL from Miss Babs that was gifted to me by Melissa a new friend here in Berea!  The color is A Day at Lake Michigan and I can not get a good shot due to the low level light in this house!



That’s pretty close, but no cigar!  So, that gets you all up to date with me!  Have a good one guys!