Well, Let’s see. . . June, June, June and oh yeah!  JUNE!  I am a dork and let me prove it!  And, to do that, this is a picture heavy post.

Remember my Left/Right front on Granite from last week?  Well, I know you can’t see it from the picture from last week’s post, but those beautiful cables are actually backwards.  OHMIGOD!!!  Well, I really couldn’t live with it you know, so. . . let me show you where I am today with this cardigan:

Left Front Final Picture

See the difference?

That is the current Left Front, and the nifty skein of yarn (last week’s left front all knit up, just to make things easy) I am using.   See the difference in the cables?  Well if you look at last week’s photo:

Left Front to Back

Left Front to Back

The cables aren’t supposed to have to matching zigs,  the Front should be going in the opposite direction.  Well, it kinda got me in a snit, so I proceeded to ask a few people/groups what they would do, and well, some could see it, some couldn’t.  But in the end, I couldn’t live with it, so  here we are today:

Two Fronts

A Left and A Right -

And all is right in my dorky world!  While I was fussing about what to do, I decided to do some sewing and I made the most perfect project bag to carry around your smaller projects in:

Project Bag Front View

Project Bag Front View

This fabric is called Belle Fleur by Karen Combs and I am just in love with it!  I mean who doesn’t love the way these go together?  Look at the back:

Project Bag2

Back of Project Bag

Just to spice things up a bit, and it has six pockets inside with a stabilizing bottom so it will stand up even while empty!  Here is the inside view:

Inside Project Bag

Six Pockets Inside!

This came out so well, that I have decided to sell these.  So look for more on my Etsy Site !  Bookmark me, and look for them soon!  I guess I turned  the bad mojo around didn’t I?