It’s already a new week, and we’ve had lots of excitement at Chez Potere’s.   My darling, darling husband is so very, very allergic to poison ivy, that he normally mows the yard, then immediately showers.  We/He knows this and works very diligently not to get it on himself.  So, it’s a new house, a new yard, and we had a storm.  The creek pushed all of the burn pile (every Kentuckian has a burn pile don’t they?)  to the neighbor’s yard.  Being a good neighbor, Chris moved it all back to our yard.

So, a day or so goes by, and what happens?  He breaks out . . . on his face.  Well, ok, not good.  I know that, you know that, does Chris know that?  Well, sort of.  I buy him Zanfel, after two horrible days.  I start in about seeing a doctor.  He comes back with they can’t do anything.  Yesterday (day 4 now) his lips are swollen.  I go back to the doctor rant.  His mantra doesn’t change.  This morning, he is SO swollen, I can’t look anymore.  He goes to the doctor finally.  I pick up three prescriptions, and he has one OTC Med to take too.

GOOD GRIEF!   Why are men this way??!!!!!

Ok, enough with my ranting, (I guess.)  So, last Monday was the last Twined Mitten class at Magpie Yarns, this was a really fun class, and I hope to be able to take some more from Jane at some point.   Here is my first mitten waiting for the kitchener stitch and a thumb:

Twined Mitten

Deep Stitch and Krook Stitch

And here is the gusset, which was not done in the traditional method of twined knitting, but I favored a more comfortable mitten.  Although, you know, I really only wear gloves!  Oh well.

Thumb Gusset

Cool Thumb Gusset

I wish I had stayed with the one ball of Noro, as you should see some of the other mittens that were created.   They were too cool.   And not to worry, I am working on this mitten’s fraternal twin.