Ah, yes. . . where were we?  Yah, I was winging my way towards the little town of Loretto, this time last week.  And let me tell you what.  Garmin’s are not worth a flipping, flipity,  flip,  flip in the mountains!   I didn’t know where I was going, because I didn’t bother to pay too much attention to the real map, ’cause, I had a GPS System.  I was the boss.  I knew what I was doin’.   NOT.

So, we recalculated half the way there, but I did make it to my destination of the Sister’s of Loretto, and my best buds from Bowling Green.  I definitely took out the map on Saturday and plotted my path for the way back, so when Paula said she was recalculating, I said go right on, girl.

I did manage to make one item over the weekend, and I have a plan to improve this design, but I love the bracelet that Earth Faire sent in  a “Cools” Kit:

Cools Bracelet

Cools Bracelet

And the Toggle:


Cools Toggle

And yes, that is knitted!  I love it.  Don’t you?  So, I actually have a finished object!  Whhooo Hooo!