Man, I’m tired!  I’ve been going to groups and having a ball talking and playing with people that love fiber, or fabric, or seeds!  So, the quilting bug did decend upon me, and I have signed up to take a quilting class at Sew A Lot in Lexington, but it isn’t being held until June, and that is so long to wait!  I pulled this out of the depths:

First Real Quilt

Caryn's Baby Quilt 1991 Fabric

Yeah, I made Bryan a log cabin quilt when he was born, so I was going to make Caryn one too, ummh, a Bethlehem Star – Ok!  Stop Laughing!  I didn’t know!  So, now I do, and I intend on giving her the finished object from the class quilt, since it was originally supposed to be for her!  On the plus side, she loves the fabric colors, so, yeah!

I spun up 2 oz of Merino Silk on Kirsten:


36 WPI Merino Silk

Merino Silk

Merino Silk, 2 oz.

I am spinning the fiber from the fold to blend the colors a little better, and so far, so good, eh?

I am working on sewing something for my Mom for her birthday, and I don’t know if my brother, (who is home recovering from kidney surgery removal) is reading this blog right now, so no pictures about that.  (Darn!)

But, on another note, remember our bathroom issues?   Well, this was our vanity top with Monkey Boy:

Old vanity top

Old vanity top

And I guess, Chris can’t take a photo in focus, but this was hideous!  It was cultured marble, in teal green.  YUCK!

This is our new vanity today:

New Vanity

New Vanity Top

It is actually a double sink, but for clarity, I am only showing one. . . we *Love* it!!!  It is quartz, that will never stain, and doesn’t need any special care.  Big bucks, but worth every penny!