Yes, I am!  I was just outside planting Freesia’s and loving this beautiful weather!  It’s been a busy few days around here!  I went to the Knitting Group that meets in Berea on Mondays at 1:00 in the afternoon, then went to Richmond to meet with that group in the evening.  A couple of the gals in the Richmond group have invited me to go to Stitches South with them, and I am so, so tempted.  But, it would be pretty expensive I think.  So, still debating on that.

Went to a Quilters Group meeting yesterday afternoon, and OMG!  These ladies are so, so talented.  I am so tempted there too.  BUT!  I CAN NOT START A NEW HOBBY!!  See?  If I shout, maybe it won’t pull me in!

A little progress has been made on Granite:

Granite Ad Nauseum

Granite Ad Nauseam

Are you guys sick of seeing this back or what?  But look the armholes are progressing:

Granite Armhole Depth

Granite Armhole Depth 3"

Just have to say that starting the rows with that particular pattern is a bitch, but I think I am doing ok on it.  I am a little worried about yardage, the pattern called for 1,650 yards, and I purchased 2,000 yards. . . that is ball #3 you see up there, and OMG what if I run out???  It’s one of Lisa Souza’s BFL Aran in Ice, Ice Baby!    Maybe I should send her a skein to see if she can match it some how . . . I dunno, maybe I am worrying for nothing too.

Not much else going on, finished the last book out by Kim Harrison, Black Magic Sanction.  I love Rachel Morgan, and all the Hollows Gang!  I’ve been listening to them via audiobook, all these years, and now I have caught up and have to wait.  Wah!  This last one had me in tears for a while, but it was a really good read.

Well, off to see what else  I can get into, I’m working on a surprise for my Mom’s birthday.  And, it’s not even knitting or spinning related!  Any guesses?  Happy Easter and or Passover to all –