You know, I am quite sick of starting a perfectly fun project, only to have it turn to crap.  My Brun Socks were in my opinion, a fun kind of learning process.

Learn how to do a short row toe:

Short Row Toe

Then learn how to make a sole by picking up all those $%* stitches along the edge of the motif on 2.5mm dpn’s no less (and btw, only light bamboo dpn’s really work well, ask me how I know!):

Inside Edge Pick-up

Then learn how to make a short row heel (without holes):

Brun Short Row Heel

Only to discover that the length is really off by about an inch and a half!  (Too Long! Wah!)  So, to recover from that I would have had to go back to the short row toe. . . . and that just ain’t happening, baby.  So, I am now working on the Impressionist Sock instead.

Knitting is supposed to be fun isn’t it?