Hey guys. . . I forgot about this yesterday!  I was totally busy, with going to Richmond to pay the mortgage, and going to Lexington to meet up with a gal that raises southdown babydoll sheep.  I purchased two fleeces from her and she gave me 6 more from last year’s shearing!  Umm, that’s eight fleeces people!  So I skirted them all today, decided to throw away two and now I am in a quandary about what to do with them.

In the fleeces from last year, I noticed that the staple length on average was only 2 inches, with out any second cuts and generally in pretty good shape for wool that had no cover on it while growing.  This year’s two fleeces were much longer in staple length, but riddled with second cuts.  Should I still send them out to be processed?  Is it worth the money?  Can the lanolin from the prior year be gotten out?  Heck, I don’t know.  I do know it was a lot of work skirting them all this morning. . .

Bluegrass Babydoll Fleeces

Bluegrass Babydoll Fleeces

Any and all suggestions are more than welcome!  I just know, I can’t handle this much wool on my own!

So, how did you do with Ravelympics, everyone?  I got a medal in the Flying Camel Spin (thank you, to Felicity for pointing out this category to me!)  for the Kirsten’s first spin yarn!  I decided to just simply wing it and got a pretty two ply:

Bohemian Two Ply

Kirsten's First Bohemian Two Ply

I had some trouble with the plying, and I knew I would due to thick (underspun) and thin (overspun) spots, but I like it anyway. . . I’m thinking The Ten Stitch Twist for this will be pretty.  I got about 324 yards here and with the leftover on the bobbin:

Navajo Plied - 63 yds

Bohemian Navajo Plied 63 yds

I got another 63 yards  . . . being the anal person that I am, I like the Navajo plied better, but, I am really, really trying to get outside of my box!

Truly Tasha is in the finishing stages and it took me an hour to locate the last skein of yarn I had for her. . . Geesh!  I found a great yarn shop yesterday: Magpie Yarn, which is located right around the corner from UK – go figure, eh?

I signed up to take a Twined Mitten class and can’t wait, to get together again with other  knitters.  The owner, Jane, went out of her way to help me find a spinning group and a knitting group (hers included) and I just can’t gush enough.  Plus they have a monthly sock group . . . what’s not to like?!  Well, maybe the parking – it was almost non existent.