I  have been spinning a yarn. . . on my new wheel,  Kirsten:

SW Merino from PortFiber

My first attempts on Kirsten

The beginning of this bobbin is a mess, since I was having problems with getting the take up on the wheel, but I got it now!  And Look!!  Do you see it??  The sun was shining and I caught it on that shot!  This fiber was purchased from PortFiber on Etsy.  I actually tried to find this brick and mortar shop the last time I went home to Maine, but just couldn’t find it on Congress Street.  Anyway, this is a Superwash Merino that I was really not all that happy with when I got it, the colors were not what I expected (monitors being different and all that jazz.)  So, I didn’t mind fussing with it to learn my new wheel.

Now that I got it going, I think it’s beautiful.  See?   Sometimes, you just gotta take that leap of faith, I guess.  Since I have been playing with Kirsten so much, my Ravelympic sock entry has suffered, so I hunkered down to get that first sock done by the end of Friday!  Go, June, go!

Yeah, well, I had to add another 6 stitches to the leg to make it large enough to go around my foot/ankle/leg opening and after that addition, the yarn started pooling instead of striping.  Yuck.  I know a lot of people love the pool, and I do too when I can swim in it, but I don’t like it on my socks!

Pooling Socks

Woodpecker Pooling

This sock has two lifelines in it and a stitch “Marker” to mark the stitch that will be cut to open the leg.  I just didn’t get to do that, I plan to make these again, only in different yarn.  So, I withdrew my entry in the sock event,  and I am continuing on with the WIP event, with my Tasha Shawl:

Tasha in Progress

Tasha in Progress

How boring is that shot?  Will I cross the finish line on time?  I don’t know . . .Kirsten has such a pull on me right now!  But, it’s been fun trying anyway!