Before we moved to Berea, I had put out a call on Ravelry looking for a Janet Yost Spindle.  See, I had seen one that a nice lady from the Friday knitting group had been using and I just fell in love with it!  I had made this request before, and I had even e-mailed Ms. Yost.  All was to no avail, previously, but this time I got a really nice note from Amelia Garipoli, aka The Bellwether owner, that she was down sizing.  So Yeah!!  Here it is, it is a Figured Eucalyptus Whorl, with a Macassar Ebony Shaft, .75 ounces, labeled #645


Artsy Picture of Yost Spindle

Here is a better one of the whorl alone, the fiber is some Falkland that I dyed last summer:

Yost Spindle

Yost Spindle Whorl

Before the end of the year I also obtained a Flame Elder Spanish Peacock spindle:

Flame Box Elder

Flame Box Elder aka Red River Maple

She is a 3″ Flame Elder Whorl set on a 10″ Lignum Vitae shaft. She weighs in at  26g/.9oz  she spins forever.  It is rim weighted and the light in this house is impossible to get good pictures.  I am working on that.  She is sitting on some BFL that I dyed last summer.

The last spindle I have to share today is an Emily, from Adam’s Workshop and Mielke’s Fiber Arts, LLC :


Emily from Adam's Workshop

I am rather clueless on this one right now, I can’t find my work up on her, so, we will need to simply say that she is ok, but certainly not my favorite of the three.  The shaft is rather large in diameter and not exceptionally smooth as I have gotten used to, actually the whorl is not smooth either, (I guess I am spoiled) but, I am spinning some merino silk on her, and that is what really makes her lovely!  🙂