Since we moved, I hadn’t touched my wheels (only two of them now, Tina and Rose) since I had been working my fingers to the bone getting things out of boxes!  This past week, I finally had enough done that I felt I could have a little “me” time.  So, I found the bobbins and got both wheels set up.   I had been working on some Kid Mohair/Merino mix from Yarn or a Tale:

Kid Mohair Merino

Isn't it lovely?

Merino Kid Mohair

Isn't it wonderful?

Well, see, I can’t find the fiber I was working with, to continue, so. . . I started spinning some Shetland batts from Jen in Buffalo, this is Peony’s wool:

Tina's New Home

Tina's New Home

These batts practically spin themselves, and I am loving it.  I am practicing my long draw with a lot of success, which really makes me happy!  But, as I was spinning Tina kept complaining the whole time, even though I was making some awesome laceweight:

Is it lace

Is it lace?

So, I got out the woodbeams and started in with the cleaning up, and moisturizing per se.  It has been so dry, dry, dry in our house, I practically zap myself standing still!  As  I was finishing up I noticed this:

What, What, What?

What, What, What?

Holy Cow! I never noticed it in the other house!  Well, it’s doesn’t effect her spin, and like me, she just wants to be different!