Denise kindly commented and gave me a kick in the pants to get going here again! I’ve missed talking with all of you and hopefully it won’t all spill out on this first post back, eh?

We officially sold our house in Franklin, KY two days prior to the day we had the mover’s coming to move us to Berea, KY! How’s that for timing??!! So off we went in the dark o’clock with two cars, with two cats, two dogs and two very worn out Potere’s. But, all was well, the doggies did great, and Marlee only asked “are we there yet” about three times, once every hour on the drive out here.

We slept on an air mattress that was freakin’ cold and it had a leak, due to an errant cat claw I believe, and we decided the first and foremost item to set up would be our bed! We now have a “heat pump” for our primary heat source and I personally think this type of heat sucks. We have to supplement with a gas log fireplace to actually be at a temperature that my body likes. Caryn has been in a hoodie and a blanket since coming home for Christmas break. As soon as this furnace dies we are going to a duel fuel furnace!!!!

Bryan has officially graduated from UK and is now the proud recipient of a BS in Biology. We are so proud of him! He has applied to four colleges for Graduate work in pharmacy school, but that is six months away. So, he’s looking for work.

Still have boxes to unpack and Christmas items to come down, so I will close with I hope you all have a very Happy and Healthy New Year, and let’s all get there safely!

We will probably be doing this on New Year’s Eve:

Morris and Marlee

Morris and Marlee zzzzz's