Hey you guys, I hope you all had a great week with lots of sunshine and happiness!  Yah, well can you tell that the four day workweek is really agreeing with me?  🙂

I was tagged by Becky to do the 25 Random Things about me, and I have made a list (didn’t check it twice, tho) but my problem is I don’t know that I actually have 5 people that haven’t already done this!  So, what to do?  Well, I will post it anyway . . .

Twenty Five Random Things: 

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1.  I was born in Portland, Maine a long time ago.

2.  I met my husband at a late night party in my senior year of high school.  Yes,  I am one of those heathens that loves her beer!

3.  I’ve been married for 25 years; we got married on the same day I graduated from High School, only four years later.

4.  I had my son in the state of Maine four years after we were married.  (We lived in Holland, MI for those four years.)

5.  I had my daughter three years after my son in the State of New York.  (We lived in Buffalo, NY for seven years. Now, you know where gobills came from!)

6.  I went back to college full time at night, one month after having my daughter, with my husband’s insistence and support.

7.  I graduated from Medaille College,  (which was right across the street from Canisius College, but didn’t have a night program at the time.) with Cum Laude Honors, two years after having my daughter.

8.  We had a chance to move to Chicago, IL from Buffalo, NY, but chose to come down to Kentucky instead (all with my job this time.)

9.  We moved to KY and I sent my husband back to college.  He graduated 3.5 years later Suma Cum Laude!

10.  I hate wintertime, not because I can’t drive in the snow, but because the cold weather makes me ache all over, all the time.

11.  I love cats, and right now I only have dogs in the house!  Wah!

12.  I love the doggies too. . .

13.  I was taught to knit by a woman that had polio, when I was 12 years old.

14.  My first real project was a doll’s sweater with cables.  It actually came out great!

15.  I love to finish a project, since it usually takes me about half a year or more to do so!  (And that’s the small projects.)

16.  My favorite knitting is lace knitting, but Fair Isle is a close second!

17.  I taught myself how to spin 7 years ago, after buying a Majacraft Rose from Wooley Designs!  It was one of the best things I’ve ever done!

18.  I have recently become a spindle addict; I’ve been a yarn and fiber addict for a long time now.  The DH really doesn’t get it!

19.  I slightly learned to dye last year, but I mostly dye using solar power, as I don’t want to mess the roving or locks up too much!  I’m a big chicken!

20.  I detest people that are two-faced or will lie straight to your face to save theirs.

21.  I just finished working out with Jillian, and I think I have been on/off a diet since I was 15 years old.  Doesn’t that suck?

22.  I was diagnosed with MS in the year 2000, and I give myself my shot. (Straight in with a 1.25” 25guage needle – the drug has to go into the muscle.)

23.  I would probably be the most loyal friend you ever could want, but I must refer you to item #20.  That will end it in a heartbeat.

24.  I am a very introspective person, I would never strike up a conversation with a stranger, but if they make the first move, I may never shut up!

25.  When I knit or spin I usually listen to audio books.  My favorite genre is the Paranormal and if it has some good erotica, then it’s even better!  (Go read the Black Dagger Brotherhood and see what I mean!)

Ok, so there I am in a nutshell, I guess.  I think I should have added somewhere how much I love beginning projects, but I sure stall out at the end!  On that note, I wanted to show you all the modified Kai Cardigan:


Kai Cardigan With Flash

Kai Cardigan With Flash

I took that photo this morning before the sun was streaming into the living room with the flash on, with a filter.  It looks really dark, but I really liked the “true” color in this photo, so I decided to show it anyway.  Here is the same shot without the flash:


Kai Cardigan without Flash

Kai Cardigan without Flash

See?  In the space of about 5 minutes the sun came in the windows and there is the same shot.   I like this one too, but in reality when you look at this sweater, I see the image above rather than this one.  Maybe because I always work on it at night!?  So, see one sleeve down and the second sleeve is 30% done.  Almost there. . .  

I got this book via Knit Picks 40%  off sale and I can’t wait to see all the treasures it holds:


Color Knitting

Color Knitting

And on the spinning front, I finally finished a bobbin of Sunflower’s on the Norwegian wheel, so when I transfered the next “problem” bobbin onto the wheel, I tried to use fine sandpaper wound around a knitting needle to smooth out the inside of the bobbin, but I didn’t have much luck, on the first try. . . in comes Chris, my Mr. Fix it, and I lose the bobbin and sandpaper to him, and of course, now it spins like a dream:


Second Bobbin of Sunflower

Second Bobbin of Sunflower

I meant to get the wip on this, but as usual, I didn’t yet –  but, I will before next Sunday!  I polished up the bobbin and the flyer with Woodbeams (which you can get at the Bosworth’s site)  I love this stuff for all my precious woods!

See Ya Next Week!  Happy Spinning and Knitting!