1.  Put up outside Christmas lights?

2.  Put up a tree and decorate inside?

3.  Mail out Christmas cards?

4.  Purchase/Make all your presents?

5.  Wrap all the presents and place under the tree?

6.  Mail out all the other presents?

Ok – right now, all I have done is . . . well, number 4 is almost done. . . Caryn’s scarf could be a birthday present (January 5th) so, maybe I can say I am done with number 4.  But, that’s it.  And let’s see. . . it is now 11 days before Christmas and I have all the other things on the list to do!    Why do we do this to ourselves every darn year??  It’s all ok, though, I will make it. . .

Chris came home (finally) on Friday, he was traveling for business, and was in the most horrible of places. . . San Diego, CA, where the weather was sunny and in the 70’s all week, while I was here in KY, mostly outside in the freezing rain running the dogs or feeding the horse!  I know, it could have been worse, it could have been snow. . .

So, it’s all good . . . The presents are bought and the cards will be addressed today.  The tree will go up today, the lights outside. . . well, that one is on Chris. . . so, I dunno.  Presents will be mailed on Monday. . . so, as you can see. . . This week is going to be busy,  the kids come home on Friday, so that is my self imposed deadline.   Oh, I think I’ll make it . . . but, I still want to know, why do we do this to ourselves?  I guess I could have been doing some of this last week, while Chris was enjoying a five star hotel and beautiful weather.  But, where’s the fun in that?  Apparently, it was all I could do to feed myself, the animals, do laundry, and dishes and go to work.  The few spare minutes I had I worked on Caryn’s scarf:


Can you find the mistake?

Can you find the mistake?

I don’t think you can see from this that actually, I have made lot’s of progress since I ripped this back to motif #2 twice, and upon further review, I should have  ripped it back to motif #1, but it’s forward only from now on, as I will never make it if I don’t stop being so hard on myself.  I can see a mistake as plain as day, and it’s making me crazy.  Chris says to leave it, no one will ever notice. . . tell me if you see it, and if you would rip again!?

During the Dh’s absence I also finished up with this:

Final Algae Bobbin

Final Algae Bobbin

So, now I have completely finished up the Bluefaced Leicester in Algae!  Whoohoo!  I now need to ply it, and I don’t know about you guys, but for some reason, I always lag behind on the plying bit.  Let me show you:


Think I need to ply

Think I need to ply



That doesn’t include the Betty Roberts wheel that has an almost finished bobbin and a full bobbin of Fiddle. . . or the bobbin on the Reeves wheel above!  I  guess you all know what I’ll be doing during our Christmas shutdown, don’tcha?  In the picture above from left to right and back to front it is:  Magni from Yarn or a Tale, Blackberry from Loop, Collette from Skylines Farm, Winter Blush from Yarn or a Tale, Merino Silk Laps from Yarn or a Tale, and finally Algae from Black Bunny Fiber!  I guess this is the danger of having four wheels, eh?  Or  being really crazy spinner?!

I had one more thing come to me in the mail this week that was totally unexpected:


New Dishes!  Whoo Hoo!

New Dishes! Whoo Hoo!

My sister in law, Carol, sent these to me. . .they are not supposed to be a Christmas or Birthday gift as we don’t really do that, but she was able to get these at a great price and obviously, she did and sent them along to me.  I haven’t had “real” stone wear since the kids learned how to load the dishwasher.  So, now that it’s just him and me, it’s time to go back to plates that aren’t Corelle!   I love it!  

Ok, enough from me. . . hope you all have a good week. . .  It’s all good right?!