This is the first time, ever, that I have not had to work the first week of the month in, well, let’s see. . . ummm forever?! It was too cool to have some time off with Chris (he always gets this week off, he is an engineer, while I am the lowly accountant don’tcha know). We went up to MI to visit with his brother and sister in law the first part of the week. We went out on their pontoon boat at one point and we had an absolute blast! There were swans everywhere on the lake, which was pretty cool:

And you all know how brothers are. . . well, these two actually got nice with each other for a minute so I could snap off this picture:

While in Mi we went to Threadbear Fiber Arts in Lansing and OMG what a great knitter or spinner’s store! I didn’t even get through the whole store, because I figured the boys were probably getting a little po’d waiting for me and Carol, but I did managed to find a few goodies:

Shaefer Anne:

And Pagewood Farms:

And some fiber from interlacements:

So did I say that we had a great time?

I got one sock finished on the road:

That is the one skein I showed you all last week with 149 yards in it. I have now gotten 381 yards of yarn from 6 ounces of this fiber. Don’t forget though, that I am Navajo Plying the finished singles to keep the colors clear. I love it so far. Cat, a friend of mine, says she can knit a pair of socks on the way up to MI and one the way back. Well, I don’t know, I think I must knit exceedingly slow, or I misheard her! It’s a 9 hour trip one way, but I still can not knit a pair of socks in 9 hours.

When we got back the weather got hot:

But I got a fleece washed up anyway, this is ginger:

And I have Peggy Sue to work on today. And yup, it’s still hot, no rain and the pasture is toast once again this year.