Hey guys! Yup we are actually doing something, this week that both Chris and I have off from work! We are leaving bright and early (7am) tomorrow morning to go and see his dear brother and sister in law in Michigan! Wow! Miracles will never cease! lol! I don’t think we have been up there since the year 2000, so, yeah, we are way overdue. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate and stay nice, but knowing us, it will rain. I do think it will be cooler than the 80+ degrees that are being predicted for our area –

So, that is the reason for my early post this week. On to the good stuff, eh? Last week, I decided to try my hand at some solar dyeing. We certainly have the hot weather and sun in the summer, and it wouldn;t stink up the kitchen and make a mess, but I would have to sacrifice something to experiment with. Don’t you hate that? You buy stuff to dye, then you’re too afraid to mess it up so what happens? It sits and sits undyed and unloved in your stash. So, on a whim I did this:

Solar dyeing

I keep on trying for that elusive red-coral color that will make my heart sing! Well, I did it! I got exactly what I was trying for (can you believe it?) the stars must have all been aligned or something! LOL So, are you ready? Here is ’tis:
Wool2Dye4 Sock Blend

Is that cool or what? 1,088 yards of 3 ply sock in 100% Merino. Oh it’s so soft! What will I do with it? Well, that remains to be seen at the moment!

In the meantime, I loved my handspun Jester so much, I actually cast on for a sock, even though I already have a pair going. Here is my first attempt at a self designed sock:

I really like this pattern, but, well, um, I dunno, is it ok for a sock? I hemmed and hawed, brought it to work and Karen was ok with it but didn’t seem thrilled so. . . this is my second attempt:

Ooooh, I like that, don’t you? Yeah the color is off, that’s what happens when you shoot at 6 am before going to work and the sun hasn’t come around yet! So let’s try that again, shall we?

Yeah, that’s better, don’tcha think? Well, I don’t care, I love it! I’m still spinning Jester, and got another 110 yards out of my second 2 ounces, I guess I was hurrying too much and made this a little bit thicker as I was simply trying to get enough to make a full sock on our road trip. I really love this yarn and the way this sock is working up!

The row counter is a blast from an Etsy vendor a cool 10 row counter, but my pattern is only rows, so I can take the extra off as you can see. It’s pretty cool and keeps my place very well, it’s just a little heavy, but not bad. Here is a full view:

Go give her some business!!
Etsy Vendor

Have a great week everyone!