Once again I am trying to increase the font on this blog, I mean you shouldn’t have  to get right up close to your monitor to read this.  Every week I keep trying!  Anyway, summer has turned on down here in South Central KY and I love it.  We were actually able to go without air conditioning for three full days and nights last week, I know, can you believe it?  There has already been a first cut of hay and we picked up 35 bales and plan to pick up another 20 before the season is over.  Blazer is all set this year! I have been working on spinning up the Romney-Cotswold blend from Leah at Yarn or a Tale (I just simply love her – she has a fabulous eye for color!)  I am loving this blend, even if it is not the softest yarn out there, I think it will wear fabulously for socks.  I have tough feet, although I do try, they still tend to be on the rough side.  So, I am getting approximately 50 Wraps-Per-Inch:

Jester 50 WPI

This has been slow going for me, but I think in the end it will be worth the effort.  I spun up approximately 2 ounces, I took one 4 ounce bump and split it in two length wise.  It took me about a week (don’t forget that I do work for a living at least 40 hours a week), I finished on Thursday night, and started Navajo Plying the bobbin on Saturday: navajo-plied-jesterIt looks kind of messy, because you end with a long tail that can’t be pulled into the end of the yarn, since it is too small to hand crochet.  The colors are pretty much to life in the shot above, lime green, bright yellow, pinks and violets:

Jester on Skeiner I wish, I could show you in person how great this came out, I have to pat myself on the back for this one!  I am a bit disappointed with my final yardage – 144 yards for 3-ply using 2 ounces, which ultimately means I need to try and get an even finer single, to make up the 3 ply.  The reason I am so determined to make it three ply is that the colors runs stay true;  I am not a fan of barber pole at all!   I have seen a lot of yarns made this way, but I haven’t honestly seen any of them knit up.  So, yeah, in the end, I am picky.  But isn’t that the whole point of spinning?  To make it the way you like it?   All right, so here is the full skein:


Jester Navajo Plied

I couldn’t decide which one to show:


So, whadda think??  I need to work on the plying, but I still think it will knit up ok –  Other than spinning I have been working a little on the Continental knitting – not entirely successful at picking up speed yet, but my friend Karen gave me a tip this week that is helping.  I have also been working on Cat Borhdi’s New Pathways for Sockknitters socks.  This is my first practice sock:

First Practice SockKinda cute huh?  Ok so enough for one week, eh?  I’m off to listen to “Voyager” by Diana Gabaldon.  Oh, how I love Jamie! – and Claire. . .lol!