I DID! We have a new knitting/spinning store named Enchanted Yarn and Fiber that opened it’s doors in Russellville, KY, which is about 25 minutes from my house (everything is about 30 minutes or a quarter tank of gas, depending on how your looking at things these days!) and they sponsored the event at the mall which is another half hour away in another direction! Yah, don’t you like my elaborate way of storing my earrings and jewelry?

So, although it was a knitting event, some of us took our wheels and did some spinning too. It really was a fun time, and there must have been around 20 or 25 of us knitters/spinners there too. I was working on spinning up Jester:

Romney Cotswold Jester Roving for socks

The plan at the moment is to Navajo ply this to a three ply sock yarn. I am giving it my very best try to spin as fine as possible to achieve actual good sock yarn, with enough yardage that I can actually make a pair of socks with! Go figure!

Here is a shot of the singles – it’s really hard to show the size of this, when I reach the end of the 2 oz. I plan to work up a wpi with it to see exactly what I am getting.

Singles for Navajo Plying

On the Friday before WWKIP, I took a Continental knitting class, so I can learn how to use both hands with my fair isle knitting, if for nothing else. This is my swatch so far, the first band (6 rows of garter stitch, then 11 rows of stockinette) were done in my “comfortable” knitting zone  – throwing-   after that band it is all Continental – whadda think?Swatch Continental Knitting

I am breezing through on the knit rows and the purl rows take me at least five minutes! LOL! I plan to rip the whole thing out and start over again when I get to the end of the ball.

My Magnolia tree is full of blossoms, but they are all at the tipity top of the tree!  I got Chris to stand on a ladder to get this shot of a bloom that is not even open!  Sorry!  I just love this flower and tree, so I had to share:

Almost a full Blossom!