Ok, so I think I told you all that at one time during my sister’s visit my horoscope said something about “stay focused or nothing will be accomplished”.  Well, yah, I do think I have a problem with that, as many of you probably know.  And especially when I suddenly have a little bit of disposable income that I immediately spend on this:

Ok well, how could I resist that??  I have not spun up Targhee Top or any other Targhee so, I thought it would be a new adventure.  The other item that came in the mail this week was my Spunky Fiber Club for May (?) or it might be June’s I’m not entirely sure.  All I do know is I signed back up but with a reduction in fiber, only getting four ounces instead of the eight I was doing previously.  This month is Rosebud:

I had heard that it was going to be late, but actually, I had forgotten about it, and when Leah from Yarn or a Tale said she was making up new sock blends, well, be still my heart as this is what came from her:
Romney Cotswold Roving

But let me show you what I actually did this past week! I was an extremely focused girl and plied up the merino tencel I spun up a month ago. I had planned for this to be my first PIF gift to Erika (yeah, I know she was the last to sign up, but her request was easiest!) or Ms. FancyPants or so I thought anyway.

Look, it didn’t turn out as I expected and only 244 yards. Definitely not enough for a pair of socks, so can someone out there tell me how the hell to get enough yardage out of 4 ounces?? How fine do you have to spin the singles for two ply and 380+ yards???

So, disgusted with my spinning, I decided to actually stay focused on knitting and look I am almost the owner of some fabulous Jitterbug socks that fit my feet to a T!  

I am using a reduced heel (10% reduction) and it has made all the difference in the world! So, here I go, off to finish that sock before I start something else!