I am off work this week, and my sister is here to visit from Maryland, and of course the weather is reportedly going to rain all week.  Well yeah.  The dogs will be muddy and the floors will need to be washed constantly, and blah, blah, blah!  

So, it will be a week of rest and relaxation, and will meet up with the knit buds on Tuesday, and some shopping on Wednesday at the new yarn shop:  Enchanted Yarn, and lots of spinning, knitting, and cooking in between!

I’ve gotten another bobbin of merino silk spun up, it’s almost full and as soon as it is I plan to ply up and see what yardage I am getting.  Still spinning the Romney as well, and that is just the go to when I have nothing else I guess!  Signed up for Spunky Eclectic’s fiber club again, as I was just too jealous of Vicki, I guess!


See ya next week!