I’ve been up to the same ol’ thing around here, work, sleep, work and sleep. . . how boring is that?  Well,  it’s hard to come up with stuff every week, don’tcha know!  I do work on all my “stuff” but it seems I am going around in circles. . . babette blankie when I’m too tired to knit, spinning everything in sight and avoiding other projects that really need to be finished up!  Maybe it’s the fact that this house is stuffed with my stuff and I am a bit overwhelmed!

We picked up Bryan from the Univ. of KY this past week and he is going into his senior year next year.  He turns 21 next week, and I am still amazed and confounded about this!  Where did the time go anyway?  He will be moving into a studio apartment next year, so this may possibly be his last summer with us.  Caryn will be leaving to attend the same school, so at least she will drag him home at times!

I have been carding up some wool-silk laps I purchased from Leah at Yarn or a Tale she is wonderful at customer service and the fiber is always awesome too!  This is my current basket of want to spin fiber:

I am putting the laps through my drum carder one or two times to even out the fibers, and the result is this:

I am working to get a DK weight from this and aproximately 1800 yards for the Wyvern Wrap (Dragon Skin Wrap for Women) – I hope I can do this!  I am spinning up two bobbins as quickly as I can to determine if I have purchased enough fiber (2 lbs) so, it’s going to get boring around here!  

I am also back to spinning up the Romney that is going to be used for Mill Pond cardigan.  I only have two colors left, I need to get a move on. . .

I also noticed that we are almost five months into this year, and I have a very few rows done on my Herbert Neibling doily that is to be a Christmas present for my dear, dear sister!  So, I have gone back to it, but I have to say that two rows a night is all I have managed lately.

What you see there is up to row 33 with 204 stitches, I am using size 20 thread with size 0 (US) needles.  I guess it’s further than it was. . .