It all began oh so many years ago, when a group of us knitter’s went on a trip together to a retreat at a Catholic retirement home for nuns. I know what you’re thinking . . . what fun could that be? Well let me tell ya, it’s a blast.We had the best time!!

We had the whole floor of a dormitory and there were 10 women all yakkin’ and eatin’ and drinkin’ and knittin’ – the place gives us free meals (cafeteria meals, but we had some a spice called “Butt Rub” to put on it, and besides we had food, food, food at the dorm).  Mary Jane described it best when she said we were like farmers trying to herd cats. Yeah. It was fun. This is Ashley, RoLynn, Diane, Veronica and the back of Mary Jane’s head. (This is being published without their permission, so if there are any objections, you guys let me know, and I will delete.)

Diane, Rolynn, Ashley, Veronica, Mary Jane

And we had some side trips! One to the Heavenly Heritage Distillery which makes Jim Beam, and Evan Williams Bourbon. We got free shots of 18 year old and 10 year old Bourbon. Oh, boy! Some of the ladies were not drinker’s so it got pretty funny. We also went off to a Bed and Breakfast Alpaca and Llama farm – that was fun, and not too far from where we were staying. Here is one guy that we wanted to take home with us: We got beaucoup knitting done, although some of us were spinning too. I finished up one of Caryn’s gloves: And the back: It’s really not all that great, and in addition to that it doesn’t fit. Dang it! So. . . I have quit on this pair and I have started another pair. Nothin’ like being stubborn, eh?

Lots of spinning was done! I got three skeins plied up (on the first night) that were on the Reeves Wheel bobbins: All Done with these bobbins!

So, I started spinning up this color from Spunky Eclectic’s monthly fiber club. This was January’s color called Party Dress:
Superwash Corriedale

It’s a really easy Corriedale (superwash) roving in Bright, bright blue, Screamin’ Lime and Red! How fun is that? And you all know how I love my Rose, but she is a bit noisy and kinda drives me batty at times? Well, Miss RoLynn says to me (on the very last day/moment of the retreat) well, June all you have to do is oil it. Yeah, sure RoLynn, I do oil it with three in one oil. . . and she hands me this bottle of oil to try.

 Well, hell, I have a picture, but it won’t upload! Isn’t this why I moved to wordpress?! 

Well, Lord Have Mercy! I have died and gone to heaven! My wheel is whisper quiet and now all my wheels have been oiled! I really don’t want to give her this bottle back. . . do you think I should?