Yesterday was one of our coldest spring days, it was blustery and cold, (56 degrees Fahrenheit) and of course it was Prom Day!  Oh, those poor girls!  I really felt bad for them.  I was freezing in sleeves for crying out loud!  Anyway, we had gone to the mall (Friday night) to find a shawl specifically for this reason, but no, Caryn just didn’t want one. . . yes, I know, I’m a bad knitter, I should have closets of shawls or at least one to give her right?  Well, I’ve given them all to my Mom, so, we were scrambling a bit.  On the other hand, she just didn’t want one to take away from the dress.  Ok, so what’s a Mom to do?  We also got nail polish and rhinestone hair pins, so the mall stop wasn’t a complete waste!

Then Saturday morning we were off to the flower shop and then to Wally world, and then to the hair dressers, Marissa, thank you!  Here she is getting ready:

Getting Ready

Make up and nails and hair – oh my! I was amazed how long it took, but hey I did all this forever ago, don’tcha know!

Went home grabbed a sandwich and then got the dress on:

Prom Day Caryn


Then her date came (he was a little nervous, it was so cute) and they tried to do flowers.  Well, Mom had to help, but we finally got there:

Is that right?

Stupid cat dishes in there – oh well.  This one is a little better!

Aren\'t they looking good -

Then they were off to go to the town square for more pictures and to get the Limo to take their group to Nashville.  She is still sleeping (with her hair up, she was too tired to take it down at 2:30 in the morning) so, I’ll get all the skinny in a while- have a good week everyone!