I have found the way to change to a larger font, but have not discovered the way to save it! Good grief sometimes it’s the simplest of things that just make you crazy you know? So after I get this written, perhaps I will find the “save” or “apply” button that will make it all readable to those of us with the “challenged” eyesight!

I have been happily spinning up the batts that I made up last weekend, yeah, it took all of an hour to spin up what took me at least three hours last weekend. But in doing so, I have come to realize that the Reeves Frame wheel is just not for me. . . It spins really well, but it takes so much effort on my part that spinning is a chore instead of the fun time it usually is. I plan to bring it with me on our knitter’s retreat and see what some of the other spinners think before I do anything drastic, but, for now I plan to wind off the bobbins and ply them up on the Rose – here are my full bobbins:

And here are two other full bobbins I made up on the Reeves Wheel, this fiber is from FiberMonster on Etsy and was wonderful to spin. The Sheep is a Cotswold I got from the Shaker Museum, and she is heavy! But cute! The really coral bobbin is the header on this web blog:

Fiber Monster fiber

The next bobbin is from my Rose, and it is fiber from Susan’s Spinning Bunny in Superwash Merino Tencel and this has been just a dream to spin. . . for a secret gift to someone when it is finished . . .

In the meantime, during the week, I have been picking away at the Babette Blanket, so far I have 22 Two Row, 14 Four Row, and 2 Eight Row Squares:

Babette in progress

This has been very relaxing and fun to do so far, and look Ma, only one has tails all the others are already sewn in! So. . . One step ahead . . .maybe I can keep it going this week. . . whaddya think?