Since Angela’s fleece was subjected to washing and dyeing and rinsing and then more rinsing she got a little bit felted, not too very badly, but enough.  Darn it!  I was going to comb her out, but I remembered Painted Desert and the way that fleece was so barber poled after plying that I decided to get everything out and card her instead.  I was major sick yesterday and still somewhat there today, so some of the shots came out a little more blurry than I would have liked, so once again, I apologize for any and all crappy shots shown here today! Here we are at pass number one on the drum carder:   First Pass on Drum Carder   A Second Pass shows some improvement:   second-pass.jpg   And Finally the Final (Fourth) Pass:    Fourth Pass  I didn’t think you wanted to see every run, as they start looking the same, but basically this is what I aim for, a batt with no neps in it and you can plainly see it when you hold your batt up to the light:  No Neps!   All of this to spin a nice smooth single. I have been getting better on the Reeves wheel, I just need to use my full body to get and keep that rhythm going. . . I’m not that small, so I don’t really understand this and it makes for a lot of work rather than just a peaceful time spinning, IMO.Caryn and I are off to find prom dress accessories today. We were supposed to do it yesterday, but I couldn’t get my head up off the pillow until noon, so, we will go forth to conquer today! Here is a sneak preview:      Pretty Caryn   That’s  my Pretty Caryn!