It seemed appropriate to start a new blog over the Easter weekend, when I had time to do it and understand it, too. I made this move primarily because I wanted to be able to successfully use Safari as my browser as I am not entirely sure Firefox is as safe as Safari. Also, I know that many, many people have trouble logging into blogger, and I have been having more and more problems with the site. Not loading photos, not saving drafts, etc. etc. In any event, this is a test and if I get absolutely no responses then I will go back to Blogger, but I really hope you all do follow me here! I will be slowly updating links and pulling in images from Blogger, but I am hoping this transition will be painless for all of you out there that do comment and cheer me on! 

Springtime always has me looking at fleeces and what I can do with this one and that one. . . not to mention the fact that I already have five washed fleeces in my stash. But, you know it’s good to be prepared for the day that I can’t afford to buy as I like, ’cause as many of you may realize, the other shoe is dropping and it’s coming down fast in this day of $3.20 a gallon for gas! I’ve heard another depression is looking us in the eye and we are blithely going along, la, la, la. . .

Anyway, off the soap box now, I took an extra day off and I have done some dyeing this long holiday weekend, with some Lincoln fleeces I got from Cory Simpson, of Simpson Farms. And dyeing I did with the help of Nitro, Bailey and Jake. . . well, I pulled out the ole’ portable roaster, then proceeded to clean one half of a fleece that I had previously didn’t have time to finish. Her name is Angela and she is a Lincoln ewe, and oh Lord, she is so very fine!
I have already reserved her with her next shearing, I like her so much. I decided to do some blue-turquoise to dye her up, and lets suffice it to say that it was successful, but a little bit nerve wracking. At one point Jakey and I were howling in tune to the emergency vehicles going by!! I was trying to wash one fleece while I was dumping out the dyed fleece, keep the dogs away from the scalding water and not trip myself all at the same time! But I think I did good:
Angela Lincoln Fleece Dyed

I mean what’s not to like here? These are some of my favorite colors and I am thrilled with the way this came out! So, I am going to just smother you with pictures now!

Locks of Turquoise

And one more:Teased Turquoise

Yea! I can’t wait to show you what she looks like spun up! I highly recommend Cory from Simpson’s Farms, you can find her on the Lincoln Longwools group on yahoo if you are interested at all!

So, I hope to hear from you all soon, and I hope to get another post (oh my!) up on Sunday, since that is my usual posting day. In the meantime I will be working on getting that side column updated and all those categories summarized! Hope you have a good Easter weekend!!