Last week I mentioned that I ran into a snag with Caryn’s gloves, but that I had also started over with the fingers. Yeah, well, I got that pinky all finished and had her try them on and yup, all was well with Annemor and I could start the ring finger. Well, right. I pick up the glove and lo and behold, the stitching came out for the weave in on the tip of the finger! Good Grief! Then the doubt began, maybe I am not able to make these dadgum gloves. I’ve made a glove before, I say to myself, but I did it using the I-Cord finger start and then picking up the hand. Maybe I needed to start over? Shoot, I hate that thought.

So, I go to work and tell my woes to my friend Karen and well, she has this miracle needle that might help my whole problem. Look:

See, I was having trouble getting that final loop through the last six stitches tied in neatly and finished off on the inside of the finger. This weaving needle, let me pull the finger inside out to accomplish all of that. So, now I am seriously looking for one of these babies to add to my knitting accessories! So, I am on my way again. . .

The join between the fingers is pretty crappy, and the more I do these, the harder they seem to be. I think this pair may be the ultimate test, and I will have to get all the kinks out to try these again. See the back?

See how bad that join is? Gahhh! Ok, so gloves are difficult to say the least, eh!!!? Maybe I’ll do this pair and stick to mittens! lol! No, if you know me at all, I won’t let this end here.

So, in the meantime I got some of Elann’s Peruvian Highland sport wool to go with the sock yarn for Babette. I know I had all that sock yarn, but seriously, I can’t put it together and have some squares in flimsy wool and others in nice substantial wool. So, I got this:
One of each with a couple of doubles. This wool is turning into this:

and this:

I am 100% happier with this now. I will probably, end up making it all out of this yarn, and pick up some more STR in the middle, to make a STR Babette. Maybe. It wasn’t a total loss, I got all that sock wool rolled into balls! So, I guess I can crochet somewhat, but I don’t think I can be classified as a hooker yet!