I think I have told you all, in prior posts, that I think at times I have ADD – and you know, sometimes, I’m not sure if I am kidding or not!!

So let me tell ya a story. Here I am drinkin’ my coffee and perusing Ravelry, when what do I discover? Well, that I had made my fingers wrong on Caryn’s gloves! Dork!! I’m a Dork! I’m a dork, dork, dork!!!! There is no quicker way for me to put a project down than to discover an error. So, I put Annemor aside. (just for the day, don’t worry, I will finish them, I already ripped and started over). Dadgummit!

So, now what can I work on??? Hhhmmnn, let’s see, what I can come up with now. Oh! I know! Another item I have been actively looking at on Ravelry is afghans. (Due to Goblin Eyes and Purple yarn I just made.) And in my attempts to find the perfect afghan, I found Babette. OMG! All the colors!! I love color! Oh, oh, oh , but gosh. . . can I crochet that???? I’m not really a hooker, I just pretend to do some crochet. But, hey, I can try right?

And off I go . . . Into the stash this time, because Lord knows I have lots of fingering weight yarn, sorry it’s blurry:
I was all alone on Friday, due to Chris and Caryn going over to Lexington (in the snow, no less). So I had me a good ole’ time pulling everything out and making up color combinations. But this is what I ended up with:

And here are my attempts at this hooking thing:

Nope, I’m not too good at it. It looks to me like your row isn’t necessarily at the end of the square, right? And I always seem to end up with stitches that seem to be not worked. Well, I will have to do this with my good friend Karen at my side, as you can see, she can hook:

This is a comparison of yarns,

the darker blues are STR and the White is Lisa Souza Sock Merino! Well, I like LS don’t get me wrong, but what the heck? The STR seems so much more dense, and more “afghan” like. The STR is bigger (maybe a quarter of an inch) Now, I don’t know what to do. . .

I have two Merino Sock! in the line up, but I think they may have to be replaced. What do you think?